Ep. 10 - Part 1- Raising Humans & Hounds: The Parenthood Connection- From Fears to Cheers

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Welcome to "Raising Humans & Hounds: The Parenthood Connection," where we embark on a journey from fears to cheers and the rhythms of life exploring the connection of parenting and pet ownership. 

In Part 1, titled "From Fears to Cheers," we delve into what it takes to overcome fears, exploring your identity that changes,  and the next steps you can take to face your fears head on.  

From the fear of dogs to the fears parents may have around sleep training, we explore the common threads that weave through these seemingly disparate experiences. It's not just about parenting or pet ownership – it's about finding courage, understanding, and shared victories in the journey of raising humans and hounds. Let's redefine fears and cheers together!

And just in case you need to calm a beagle quickly- FYI- mine was not so quick the first time! 

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