Ep.11-Part 2-Raising Humans & Hounds: The Parenthood Connection- Flexibility in Parenthood & Pet Ownership

boundaries flexible routines parenthood parenting pet ownership



Can there be a rhythm of life? Will it always be chaotic? Are we just surviving? 

 In today's episode, I'll be sharing the four loving lessons that I've learned in creating routines that bring flexibility of parenthood and owning a pet and letting you know that there are ways for us to thrive and not just survive.  

These four key lessons that I've been learning:   

✅Establish clear boundaries- what’s ok, what’s not ok.  

✅ Create flexible routines- routines that meet the needs of everyone in the relationship.

✅Communicate more effectively- Be patient in the transitional phases.

✅The need for self-care.take care of ourselves and others at the same time.