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Need your child to sleep?

  • Does your baby need to be held, fed, or rocked to sleep?
  • Does your baby wake you more than 3 times a night?
  • Do you dread naptime and/or bedtime?
  • Do you feel exhausted all of the time?
  • Is your exhaustion leading to confrontations between your spouse/partner and you?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried to let your child cry it out, and all the other possibilities, and it’s just not working?



If you answered YES to one or all of the questions above, then your family may benefit from the support of a Gentle Sleep Coach to help you with some “sleep training” aka sleep coaching!

Yes- I'm ready to Sleep!

Hi there, I'm Irene!

As a Gentle Sleep Coach, I am here to review your family’s sleep scenario, create a healthy and consistent plan of action, as well as monitor and assist your progress along the way.

Being a mother has shown me that healthy sleep is a learned behavior. It can be taught in a kind, loving, gentle approach so that you and your child can experience fewer tears. From my personal experience, I’ve learned that you don’t have to let your child cry it out alone, and that you can get back to having the quality family time you want.

As an educator, I see the importance of sleep for everyone, including the parents.  We are not at our best when we are sleep deprived.  According to the November/December Child Development Reports, children that are sleeping through the night achieve at higher levels in skills including attentiveness, self-discipline, organization, memorization and the abilities to plan, think and work with others.  These are all key components to help children feel success in the classroom.  Research also shows that some parents think their child is well rested, but actually may not be getting the proper amounts of restorative sleep that is necessary for their child’s development.

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