Why is my baby waking up at night? - Understanding Sleep Cycles & Sleep Stages

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Why is your little one waking up and keeping you up at night? 

That is the question that so many parents ask.  In this episode I’ll address the reasons why your little one, whether you have a newborn, an infant, a toddler or  preschooler, might be waking up.   When you understand your child’s sleep cycle and the sleep stages, active and deep sleep patterns,  you’ll understand your best next steps to improve sleep in your home.   

Key Loving Lessons Learned in this episode: 

00:00 Introduction: Why Your Child Wakes Up at Night

01:23 Understanding Sleep Expectations and Routines

03:40 Deep Dive into Baby Sleep Cycles

07:40 Exploring Baby Sleep Stages at Night


12:09 Practical Tips for Better Sleep

17:21 Conclusion: Working Smarter, Not Harder in Parenting 


Resources mentioned to help you keep learning & growing: 

How much sleep does my child need? ➭➭➭➭ Sleep Chart

Sleep Regressions Podcast

Sleep Coaching Success Programs



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