Ep.19- Building Resilience: Taking Action through Movement in your Community

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What do you do during the wakeful windows with your little one?  That play window can feel like a daunting task and can sometimes make parents feel like they can’t wait for the next sleep window. 

In this encouraging episode, we tackle a pressing concern for many parents:
fostering resilience in their children.  Yes, in the wakeful window we can do some amazing skill building.    My guest, Colleen from Mother Ruckers NC, dives into invaluable tips and tricks to help parents build resilience through movement and doing hard things.

Colleen explains that it’s not just about teaching kids to be resilient; it’s about parents leading by example, even when time and energy are in short supply. By engaging in regular practices and repetitions of doing hard tasks, we inherently foster a stronger, more resilient mindset.

Through Colleen’s wisdom, discover how rucking and walking practices not only enhance your resilience and impact your sleep positively but also contribute to the betterment of your community.  Through her mission to get you moving, she wants you to move into action and support your local small businesses too

Join us for this uplifting conversation that promises to leave you inspired and motivated to take actionable steps towards building resilience in your everyday life.


Key Loving Lessons Learned in this episode: 

🟣 It’s all about the practice and repetitions of doing hards things that builds resilience. 

🟣 Life doesn’t care what you feel. It’s going to give you all the things.  

🟣 In this comfort landscape- you have to actively go out and sign up for discomfort to be a better human.

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